Meaningful Learning

At Ethical Tutors our vision is of a world where everyone can learn not only to love and understand maths but through this find greater meaning in their lives, develop greater emotional intelligence and nurture their own inner ethical compasses.


We support the Meaningful Education Movement

At the same time as launching Ethical Tutors, Toby Lockyer launched The Meaningful Education Movement. It has several limbs, that together could make our education system much more meaningful.

Here is what we offer!

Maths tutoring

In our Maths lessons, you’re empowered to manage your own study schedule (using a maths map), teach each other one-to-one, and collaborate as a group to make decisions that affect your learning in termly learning-team meetings.

arrow left downOur Certified Educators

Maths Teacher

Toby founded Ethical Tutors in 2015. He has a first class Maths degree & PGCE from Leeds University and 10 years secondary school Maths teaching experience,

10% goes to charity

We support charities chosen by our learners to make a positive contribution to the world. This is part of our commitment to the Ethical Education Mouvement.

View Our Fluid Pricing Structure

View Our Fluid Pricing Structure
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