Ethical Maths Tutors

Maths Tuition in Oxford

5 Reasons to Learn With Ethical Tutors

  1.  Our focus on love and understanding of the subject makes it fun and engaging. You’ll be shown how topics fit together, we won’t just jump from one topic to the next; we’ll map out the journey  (with an actual physical map) from A-B and show you how what you learn relates to real life.
  2.  In our Maths lessons, you’re empowered to manage your own study schedule (using a maths map), teach each other one-to-one, and collaborate as a group to make decisions that affect your learning in termly learning-team meetings
  3.  Ethical Maths Tuition Oxford is passionate about making a positive contribution to the world. We therefore incorporate mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and ethical values – such as kindness, equality, gratitude & responsibility – in our sessions to help you become an inspiring, thoughtful and empathetic leader. We also donate 10% of our income to charities chosen by our learners, and a further 1% to the Meaningful Education Campaign.
  4.  All our lead teachers have a degree, a PGCE, plenty of teaching experience, and a current enhanced DBS disclosure, and will work with you over several years to build your deep love, understanding and confidence in maths.
  5.  We have a flexible pricing structure, which allows access to learning for young people from all backgrounds.

NOTE this site is designed for young learners (& parents). If you are an adult learner or teacher go to our adults section.

Our Ethical Maths Tutors LOVE Maths and are on a mission to help you love and understand it too.

So if you already love Maths and want to explore it further, or are struggling with Maths and need some support to get to grips with it all, Ethical Tutors can help!