At Ethical Tutors our vision is of a world where every young person has access to meaningful learning, where they can learn not only to love and understand particular subjects, but through this find greater meaning in their lives, develop greater emotional intelligence and nurture their own inner ethical compasses.

We are making this happen by empowering young people to learn, teach and lead responsibly through studying one subject in depth over time, building a love and understanding of that subject, and weaving an awareness and practice of ethical values through each session.

For students to get the best out of Ethical Tutors classes, they work with a particular subject (and the same teacher) for several years. Our focus is on deeply understanding the subject over a long period of time, rather than on passing exams. However, when you have come to a deep understanding of a subject, examinations seem a great deal easier (and less scary – which is often a bigger problem than subject knowledge).

We fund the Meaningful Education Campaign, and model its aims within our cooperative.

You can get an initial idea about Ethical Tutors’ 9Ms theory of learning (formally called pedagogy) looking at the map below.