Adult Maths Circle

Want to heal a life long fear of maths, or rekindle a joy that has long been forgotten. It’s never too late to love and understand maths.


  1. Heart copy Our focus on love and understanding of the subject makes it fun and engaging. We’ll work with a map of maths, so you can plan your mathematical journeys and see how it all fits together.
  2. Heart copy Learn maths deeply both by being taught, and (when you feel ready) by teaching others (see the Einstein quote on the right hand side!). Decisions about how we organise our sessions will be made by the group collaboratively.
  3. Heart copy We will look at how you feel about learning (afraid, excited, cloudy…) and work with this to aid learning.
  4. Heart copy Ethical Maths Tuition Oxford is passionate about making a positive contribution to the world. We therefore incorporate mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and ethical values – such as kindness, equality, gratitude & responsibility – in our sessions. We also donate 10% of our income to charities chosen by our students.
  5. Heart copy We have a flexible pricing structure, which allows access to learning whatever your financial abilities.

The adult maths circle is usually the 3rd or 4th Sunday of the month, from 6pm till 8pm, at East Oxford Community Centre. The next few are 20th May, 24th June & 22nd July.  We have folks in every decade from their 20s to their 70s.

The class is monthly and can form a basis for you to learn as little or as much maths as you want. You can just drop in once a month, or build a whole life of maths (and maths learning buddies) in between.

All welcome.