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We're delighted that you are enthusiastic about Ethical Tutors, and are considering joining our Maths Teaching Club.

There are 4 stages to joining us...

Stage 1) Contact using the form below

Stage 2) A "Friendly Two-Way Interview," by telephone or video call.

This is is a chance for you to ask us any questions you may have, and decide if you want to join us. It is also for us to find out if you are genuinely interested in learning and understanding maths over several years and then book a trial class date if we’re all enthusiastic.

If you are a parent or young learner, you’ll need your young learner or parent there for the telephone or video call.

Before applying for a "Friendly Two-Way Interview," please will both of you  take a look at our maths page to ensure you understand what we do, and are genuinely interested, and read the 4 agreements of Maths-Teaching-Club document. Click here to read it.

We attempt to text or call within 48 hours (of term time) to arrange a time for the call.

Stage 3) A trial class, and then if we are all still feeling delighted about it.

Stage 4) Registering for a semester and beyond

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