It Will All Make Sense!

Maths is totally wonderful, and it all makes sense if you have it explained to you clearly. So we work with understanding maths, and loving maths follows naturally.

As Albert Einstein said, "If you can't explain it simply enough, you don't understand it well enough"!


It's More Than Just Maths  

Maths Teaching Club is a VERY nurturing environment where everyone is free to be themselves, and feel however they do. The teams are very supportive, and we start by checking in to see how everyone is. The groups are very small, and all the teaching is done one-to-one. The club begins (and ends) with a short mindful awareness practice. We call this ELM tree living (standing for Emotional Intelligence, Listening and Mindfulness).


You'll Learn To Plan & Self-Assess  

Firstly we Map, Understand and Do maths (MUD) to get a deep and connected knowledge of each ladder.

Then we go for mastery using Teach-To-Learn, Apply and Publish (TAP) with all students regularly teaching each other, solving problems and publishing videos or posters of their learning. Teaching-to-learn is a core part of our philosophy.

*MUD Learning*
Map (Plan & Self-Asses)
Understand (Explain Why)
Do (Know How To)
*TAP Mastery*
Apply (Solve Problems)
Publish (Poster or Video)

The stages of learning (shown on this tree map) are used to self-assess each topic on our ladder maps. They help us know where we are in our learning,  so we can deepen our understanding (and teaching) towards mastery over several years.


It's All Mapped Out For You  

We’ve turned maths into visual maps because no one likes feeling lost!

We call each topic a step, and the map groups related topics together to form ladders. The bottom step is the simplest stepping up towards the most sophisticated at the top.

Maps are a great tool for both self-assessing and planning learning!

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