Teachers (Join Us)

  •  Personally earn around £30,000 a year part time teaching (you teach up to a a maximum of 15 hours contact time, with a maximum 20 hour working week)
  •  Have space for a meaningful life outside of teaching
  •  Be part of a cooperative of teachers, sharing teaching ideas & enthusiasm
  •  Be part of the Meaningful Education Campaign… we’re gonna grow a healthier education system
  •  Be self employed, but without all the usual hassle of growing your own business in isolation – we make it easy
  •  Unlike solo or agency tutoring,  you will still have a group of subject colleagues to share ideas and get excited about your subject with.
  •  Potentially supplement your income helping to run the Ethical Tutors coop
  •  Have space and time to have another part time job (or volunteer work) alongside teaching your subject. Always wanted to train as a yoga teacher, masseur, therapist… this will give you time and space for a second string to your bow.

What we expect of you.

  • Have a PGCE or equivalent
  • Have several years of teaching experience
  • Love your subject
  • Understand your subject
  • Be willing to still be a learner, as well as a teacher
  • Have an interest in emotional intelligence, ethical values & mindfulness
  • Have read thoroughly over this website
  • Give 10% to charities chosen by your students
  • Give 10% to Ethical Tutors Coop (what you get for this is below)
  • If you feel grateful to Ethical Tutors founder Yogi Toby for your new life, you may donate 1% (or less or more) to him personally  – though this part is totally optional (much of which will go towards his various charitable projects – he lives on £10,000 a year and gives the rest away)

Your 10% gets you:

  • An area on Ethical Tutors website all about you and your teaching
  • Advice for building your subject circles
  • Personalised art work for your own fliers and posters
  • 10,000 free personalised fliers per year and 300 posters
  • FREE entry to our annual Ethical Tutors Learning Festival
  • 10% of your Ethical Tutors payments go to fund the Meaningful Education Campaign (1% of your income, but not an ‘extra’ 1%, it comes out of the 10% of your income you already share with the coop).
  • A circle of colleagues to share ideas with (but without the compulsory meetings – turn up to monthly team meetings only when the agenda looks engaging)
  • Other professional development opportunities

Maths teachers, please take a good look at the maths section and maths maps, and then get in touch (via Toby’s contact page).

Other subject teachers, we don’t have a Map of Learning for Everyone (MOLE) for any other subjects yet. Does creating a MOLE or map for you subject excite you. Being free to choose the structure and what is important without all the usual political restrictions… blue sky thinking, blue sky mapping, that will actual become your teaching reality. If you are interested, then get in touch (via Toby’s contact page).