The Meaningful Education Campaign

At the same time as launching Ethical Tutors, ET founder Yogi Toby launched The MEANINGFUL Education Campaign. It has several limbs, that together could make our education system much more meaningful. 1% of your payment to your Ethical Tutor will go to the Meaningful Education Campaign (on top of the 10% we give to charities the learner chooses).

1) M is for Meaning (Growing the whole person in body, mind & meaning)

2) E is for Everyone’s a Teacher (and a learner!)

3) A is for A-Z or Maps of Learning for Everyone (MOLEs)

4) N is for No More Tests (learning must take priority over measuring – AfL not judgement)

5) I is for Inclusion & Cooperation (building equality & reducing competition)

6) N is for Not Until I’m Ready (starting things at the right age)

7) G is for the 3 Goals of a Teacher (teach, love & rest)

8) F is for Fun, Games & Playfulness (enjoyment in all things)

9) U is for Understanding Meanings, not just Memorising (building on the what and how, by asking WHY?)

10) L is for Long Term National Planning (the biggest efficiency change education can make)

To understand what we mean by each of these click here.