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Prices for Every Pocket

At Ethical Tutors, we want to ensure that everyone has the chance to participate in our engaging Maths Teaching Club sessions. We, therefore, have a fluid pricing structure, and we rely on your honesty to ensure this works fairly. So please pay what you want. Most people pay between £50 and £150 per month, but these are not maximums or minimums, choose the payment that feels right to you.


Children Study Circle

Usually £50 to £150 month

Mondays - 4.30pm to 6pm
Age 8 to 13Toby
East Oxford Community Centre

Wednesdays - 4.30pm to 6pmToby
Age 11 to 16
East Oxford Community Centre


(year 12 & 13)

After several years learning and teaching-to-learn with ethical tutors, many of our students choose to stay on our teach-to-learn programme in year 12 and 13. This is a paid teaching programme, with paid traning in June/July of year 11 which comes with a significant deepening of your maths skills. We sometimes take on year 12 or 13 students without experience of learning and teaching-to-learn in ethical tutors, provided they are taking maths A-level and subject to an interview and practice session.

Trial classes

Before signing up, you will start with a friendly two-way-interview by telephone or video call and then a trial-class.



The year is broken into two semesters.

  • 15th August to 14th February
    • One full payment on 1st Sep or 6 equal part payments on 1st of Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, & Feb
  • 15th February to 14th August 
    • One full payment on 1st March or 6 equal payments on 1st of Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul & Aug

If you are unable to pay for each semester in one payment, we offer an interest free monthly payment scheme.

There are two opportunities each year where payment amounts can be changed, and where students can leave Ethical Tutor's Maths Teaching Club:

  • Notice by 14th December to leave on 14th February or change your payment amount for the February to August semester.
  • Notice by 14th June to leave on 14th August or change your payment amount for the August to February semester.

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