Toby’s Testimonials

Here are a selection of testimonials about Toby’s maths teaching:

NOTE: For ease of reading all ‘he,’ ‘his,’ ‘you,’ ‘your,’ ‘Mr L,’ and ‘Mr Lockyer,’ comments have been changed to Toby.

“Toby is the best teacher in the world” (Student)

“With Toby’s explanations all the maths is easy to understand.” (Student)

“Toby has made me a very happy pupil, I love maths now.” (Student)

“Toby puts things in a way you can understand and remember.” (Student)

“I raised my C to an A in little over 6 months, and Toby’s enthusiasm for the subject is contagious – proved by my severe dislike of maths morphing into me starting a maths A-Level this year.” (Student)

“I’d like to sincerely thank you Toby for the excellent teaching of my daughter in Mathematics this year. She has thoroughly enjoyed the subject this year and believes this is mostly down to Toby’s excellent teaching skills which have made this subject very enjoyable and interesting for her to learn.” (Parent)

“Toby is a legendary teacher! I will never forget the maths he taught us! The songs he wrote were AMAZING and I will remember forever!” (Student)

“Toby is an inspiration as a teacher,” (Colleague)

“Toby is in my humble opinion a really talented teacher, and a great person.”   (Colleague)

“Toby you’re the best maths teacher ever.” (Student)

“Toby is a very exciting teacher which makes the lessons fun. He is an immense teacher. ” (Student)

“Toby is an amazing teacher.” (Student)

“Toby has really helped us learn this year. Toby’s funny and happy, I hope you stay as my maths teacher for as long as possible.” (Student)

“I find Mr Toby’s lessons very enjoyable as he makes it fun and easier to understand, I want to learn. He listens to our feedback on whether we understand or not, therefore going at our pace during teaching. He is an amazing teacher.” (Student)

“I just thought I’d write you a little note to let you know that one of your first students has just been offered a place at Cambridge Uni. I also wanted to say that it is from inspirational teachers, such as yourself Toby, that have influenced me to pursue my own career in teaching.” (Student taught in year 7 & 8, letter written in year 13)

“Toby is an exciting and enthusiastic teacher.” (Student)

“Toby is a brilliant teacher, very funny, and helps if there’s any problems.” (Student)

“I have really enjoyed my time in Toby’s class and you have really helped me with my maths and I’m now doing better than I ever thought I would. Thank you for being such a nice teacher and when someone is not happy you take the time to talk and listen to what is wrong and that makes the atmosphere really nice in your class. I now have a lot more confidence going into my exam, and thank you for everything in maths. I’ll miss your maths lessons, even if maths isn’t my best subject.” (Student)

“I personally find Toby’s lessons very fun and enjoyable. He explains to me what I don’t understand and helps me achieve higher marks and get onto higher levels. He is fair towards the class. If he has a problem, he tells us with honesty. He respects us. He couldn’t have done anything any better because he does it the best.” (Student)

“Toby is a fun and lively teacher who really helps you to understand maths in simple ways. He engages with the class very well and gets us all listening to him and he is awesome.” (Student)

“Toby is a very cool teacher and good with maths, I would recommend him. You’re a legend sir.” (Student)

“Toby is funny and very helpful and I’m enjoying maths this year because I’m finding maths easier because you make explanations very clear” (Student)

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