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PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE APPLICATION: We’re delighted that you are enthusiastic about Ethical Tutors’ Maths lessons in Oxford, and are interested in joining us.  Whether you are a parent, young learner, or adult learner, this is where you apply. The next stage is a telephone or video meeting. It is a chance for you to ask us any questions you may have, and decide if you want to join us. It is also for us to find out if you are genuinely interested in learning and understanding a subject over several years and then book a trial class date if we’re all enthusiastic. If you are a parent/young learner, you’ll need your young learner/parent there for the telephone/vidoe call. Please (both) watch our introductory video, look at our about pages, and the pages for the subject you are interested in before booking a telephone meeting. We attempt to text or call within 48 hours (of term time) to arrange a time for the call.

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