Typical Lesson Snapshot

Here is how a typical lesson looks.

1) Check In (10 mins)

We always start with the whole group in a short check in circle.

  • Check in starts with one minute of mindfulness to get in touch with how we are (as this really effects how we learn).
  • Each person then shares as much as they want to about how they are feeling, without being interrupted.
  • After sharing how they are, each person shares their thoughts, experiences and ideas about one of the groups ethical values, or another suggested topic that is meaningful  to the group.

2) Main One-to-One Learning (1 hour 45 mins)

  • Next we have a short discussion to decide how we will work together in the session and who will teach who.
  • A typical session might see one person creating a revision poster for a topic they learned last term, another two pairing off for one to teach the other about solving quadratics. The remaining two students may be taught a topic one-to-one by the lead teacher, and a year 12 or 13 teaching programme teacher. The lead teacher will also monitor and help the other student (pairs) when needed.

3) Check Out (5 mins)

After the main session of learning. teaching, creating and revising, we do a short check out circle, briefly summarising what we have learned and how we are feeling at the end of the class.

  • Sharing how we are feeling
  • Sharing what we learned