Year 12 & 13 Teaching Programme

Year 12 & 13 Teaching Programme.

This programme is for Ethical Tutors’ young people after graduation, when they have moved into years 12 & 13. They do paid teaching work using the teaching skills they have developed over their years with Ethical Tutors and the benefits are multiple…


  •  Continued weekly sessions throughout years 12 & 13 to deepen understanding of the maths curriculum (including some A-level content where helpful) through teaching younger people, with all the usual support from your teacher
  •  Huge amounts of teaching experience with the depth of subject understanding, as well as the various other skills this work grows
  •  Continued work on emotional intelligence, ethical values, and mindfulness
  •  Half the cost to parents, compared to age 9-16 pre-graduate suggested donation
  •  Parents don’t pay a penny to your Ethical Tutor
  •   Pay (from parents) of between £8 per hour (£12 per session) and £12 per hour (£18 per session) for the student, increasing over the two years. On average £50 per month over the two years.
  •  The perfect sixth form job, 1.5 hours a week, average £50 per month, full sick pay, 20 days pro rata holiday pay (in August) and huge academic, social and human benefits.
  •  A reference for university and first employment in which all of your skill sets and strengths will be mentioned at length
  •  Studying an A-level in the subject is not compulsory; in fact we like a mix of A-level on non-A-level studying graduates

NOTE: With newly developing groups (where there are not yet any genuine Ethical Tutors graduates) year 12 and 13 students can apply to be a “False Graduate,” with no previous E.T. experience. The training needed can be discussed with the local subject teacher.


Parents don’t pay anything to their Ethical Tutor, but pay their young person directly. Parents who are unable to cover the amount, can apply for support from their Ethical Tutor.

Pay Band Teaching Hours Hourly Pay Session Pay
A 0<=h<24 £8 £12
B 24<=h<48 £9 £13.50
C 48<=h<72 £10 £15
D 72<=h<96 £11 £16.50
E h>=96 £12 £18

Year 10 & 11 Training Scheme.

It is highly recommended for students interested in the year 12 & 13 Teaching Programme to join the training scheme in years 10 & 11. This scheme is completely free, and runs neatly along side you regular E.T. class. The commitment is to do one session per half term teaching in the younger learners E.T. circle of your subject. You can book more shifts when there is space if you want to. 25% of all your training scheme hours, will count towards your year 12 & 13e teaching hours, so you can start on a higher rate of pay, and progress your pay sooner, when you start paid teaching in year 12.